Ninox Display is Unpredictable

One of my primary pet peaves with Ninox vs other database is that its so unpredictable, and you never know what it's going to display next. One example is when copying and pasting values from records, the display will often change from a grouped view to an ungrouped view, putting the records in different positions. To replicate this, just add a group to any view, start copying and pasting and you will see that the display randomly moves around so that the majority of records complete disappear. In order to see them again, you have to hit refresh each time after you copy and paste. Ninox should refresh it's own view without a user having to continually hit refresh.

Similiarly, when copying and paste and editing data in any grid view, it is so unpredictable whether Ninox will decide to display the form view, or the grid view. It seems to have something to do with double-click action, but not always... sometimes when I double-click it changes to form view, sometimes it changes to grid view, and many times it does nothing at all!

Ninox has some great features going for it, including offline usage, triggers and buttons, customization of form layout, and more but it needs to become smoother to use, less choppy and unpredictable. I end up using Airtable for many tasks because it's so smooth- but I would rather use Ninox because it has so many more features! Please make the program run smoother and I will change over completely to Ninox. Thanks.

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  • Hi, 

    Thank you for your feedback.

    The refresh function has two sides: If it refreshes immediately and you create records (which are empty in the start) or change data it might be that your record disappears also immediately as it not fit to your filters and groups. If it not refresh immediately not need to press the refresh button form time to time or close and reopen the current view.

    The display of the form view or the table is indeed (additionally) controlled by a double click (to enter the grid view).

    We will develop and improve Ninox further in order make the work with it smoother and convenient.

    Best, Jörg

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