Accidental Kanban Movement on Phones

Is there a way to confirm the movement of cards in Kanban view? We have team members that keep accidentally moving the cards from one category to the next because they are trying to scroll horizontally on their phones and they don't know which cards were moved to move them back. It would be nice if when moving cards, some kind of prompt comes up confirming if the move is intended or if there is a scroll bar for phones to use.

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  • In my experience phones should only be used to  view details and very rarely be allowed to change fields. So the easiest solution is to stop phone users from moving the cards at all, by preventing them from changing that particular field.  On your category field add a "writable if"  clause that simply says ninoxApp() != "iphone" and ninoxApp() != "android".  In other words, they can only change the field value (which is what happens in the Kanban view) if they are running on a device other than a phone.  Alternatively, add a "Yes/No" field to your table and only allow the category field to be writable if 'Yes/No Field'=true. Then at least they could still change the category by accessing the main record.  By combining these two solutions you can still allow non-phone users the ability to move cards in the Kanban view.

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    My team works on the road which is why they need to be able to make changes on their phones, but the second solution is just what was needed. Thanks so much!!

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