Automatic cutting stock item when creating invoice

Hello. I would like to know if the below scenario is technically doable in Ninox. 

I have a table for 

- Invoices

- Stock


Invoices and Stock do both have a subtable for Line Items.

When creating an invoice,  I would like to be able to lookup the stock items, find the product we sell and add it to the invoice (all from within the Invoice form). And when the item is added to the invoice, it should update the remaining stock quantity accordingly and add a reference to the invoice.

Can this be done in Ninox?


Thanks everyone.

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    • Mel_Charles
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Bernd - short answer is absolutely it can!

    and there as been several topics on this on past posts.

    so search on stock or inventory

    this one might get you started


    but otherwise I sure we can all help you out

    • Alan_Cooke
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Way back when I was learning Access in an effort to build a sales/inventory system.....  The first golden rule is NEVER EVER enter a stock value/quantity.  What you have in stock is solely based  on the difference between incoming and outgoing stock.  Stock Balance is in effect Stock in minus Stock out.  In this scenario and very basically defined.  Your would have a table for Orders and another for Sales.  The difference between "Qty Item Sold" and "Qty Item Ordered" would = "Item Stock Balance"

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