batch fuzzy search for emailaddresses with Octoparse (free plan available)

In Ninox it is easy to search for certain data on some words. 

It shows only the lines with results.


I did it manually, but why not automatic?


In my CRM are columns with

First name


tussenvoegsel (like  'de' Pieter de Bruin)

Last name


I added an extra column with domainname (extracted from the website).

You could use https://urltodomain.com/ to do so.


Then I merged 2 columns together which I am going to use for searching emailaddresses.

In Ninox I have a dataset containing emailaddresses.

Filtered out for role accounts like info@ contact@


It will ask for a login.

Go to 'Browse mode' and login to your account.


 Go to options and Use cookie.

Switch Browse mode off again.


Click item:




The loop item




Enter text



Extract data




 I choose to extract the text in the textbox (search item) and the found emailaddress with domainname.

 To empty the search box




 Task settings

Check Disable task split



In the paid plan you can run it in the cloud.


Some results.

You can tweak the settings a bit.

My average speed is about 5 / 6 searches per minute in 'Normal Mode' run locally.


You can copy the task and split the search in more parts.


Text in textbox need to be changed.


Change the text in text box by clicking on this


 It opens the textbox and press confirm.

 Click Apply



Now you can run more tasks at once.


Actually they have 5 plans.








Here it looks they have only 4


The free plan is limited to 10.000 records per export.

So if you split your task up, you would be fine with the free plan.


You can only run 2 concurrent local tasks the same time in the free plan.



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