Admin Column Filters overriding individual user filters. Can I prevent this?

If I filter a column in a view by date for example, that filter overrides anyone else's date filters. Is there any way to avoid this? I am the only admin and it seems to be true regardless of whether I'm in developer mode. This Ninox Cloud ie browser based. 

I feel like all users need to interact with the data differently on shared views and that filters should only apply to your own view. 

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    • Fred
    • 8 mths ago
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    Sadly you can't set filters of columns in table view to be browser based. That is why you should consider setting up Pages, as fields can be set with Binding:

    If you set a field to Per record in memory (browser) then whatever is selected in this field is not sent back to the server. Thus if you have a search Page, many people can use it and whatever search is done by one user is not reflected in another user's search.

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      • James.3
      • 8 mths ago
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       Thanks for the input.... now I have to lookup what Pages are in relation to Ninox. 

      The way our team currently functions is we have a table for all the corporate events we are planning. People will filter it based on their needs. I feel like the "sticky" filtering is a new behaviour. And it only seems to be based on what I as the admin filter. 

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