A link in a text message via button

Like all my posts, I know this is simple, but I can't make it work!

Part one: I have a button I use to send a confirmation text to a client after contact. It's basic, and contains the company's web address. It sends out now as plain text in the message, but I want it to be an active link that the recipient can hit and go to the site.

Part two: I want to have the phone number also active as a call link if they hit it.

Here is my existing text fx from the button:

openURL("sms:" + 'Guardian 01 Phone 1' + "&body=" + "Hello" + " " + 'Guardian 01 First Name' + "," + " " + "this is Pete from BrightStart Pediatrics. I'm contacting you with information about our PPEC program for your child. Please call or message me at 407-766-0176. You can see our company at https://brightstartpeds.com. Hope to talk to you soon - thank you!")

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!



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  • Hi Pete,

    Clickable links in SMS messages are a feature of the recipients SMS app rather than anything you can control with the message content…. To a certain extent…

    By using correct formatting helps the sms app identify that a URL is a clickable link and a phone number should trigger the callto/tel handler.

    We’ve found that some domain extensions (e.g. anything other than .com, .co, .net, .org, .co.uk) aren’t always identified as links. You could also add the country code to the phone number to make it more obviously a phone number too.

    Hope this helps!


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