Hyperlink in PDF

I am trying to set up in a layout a hyperlink

It is defined in an included table column formula.

A first result is obtained by simply displaying the content of a URL field:


one must click on the URL to access another page.

it takes up space, it's not very aesthetic but it works.

Now I would like to anchor the link on the title without displaying the URL below.

But my knowledge of html and css is very limited ;-(

Here is the script:

"••• Function ••• Title-Link only";

function TitLink(Tit: text,SizeTit: number,URL: text) do

letHead := "


  <style type=""text/css"">



font: bold " + TiTSize + "px Helvetica




letBody := "


<p class=""p1"">

<a href=""" + URL + """>" + Title + "</a>



let Code := "<html>" + Head + Body + "</html>";



TiTLink(Name, 24, text('Google Drive'))


But it doesn't work ;-(

The hyperlink is well displayed in the PDF, with a presentation automatically formatted as a link (blue and underlined) but it is not active...

On the other hand, what is very curious is that in the layout if we click on a title of the column concerned we obtain access to the page in the browser!!!


Do you have a solution ?

For the pros of Ninox, Html and CSS, I will confide to them that in addition, I dream of a possible link on an image…



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