Several newbie questions

I just discovered Ninox two days ago and am wondering where it's been all my life. I'm a consulting applications developer with long experience in multiple platforms (especially but not just FileMaker). After 2 days of watching just about all the videos about Ninox on YouTube (thank you Andy et al!) I'm feeling pretty confident about starting a project for a client in Ninox. But I still have several questions and am hoping somebody can give me answers. Don't need long answers. Be grateful if you can just throw me a few clues.


1. Users

I understand that Ninox is licensed per individual user. (It's like FileMaker in that respect, or Airtable.) But what about users who seldom access the app? Most of my work is for law firms doing litigation. The senior attorneys always want to have access but actually they seldom get into the apps. In a given law firm I might have 20 "authorized users" (folks to whom I've provided credentials) but 17 of those users won't get into the app more than a few times a year. I'm also looking at Tadabase and Knack. I like Ninox better than either of those in many respects, but Tadabase and Knack don't charge by the user, which means I don't have this problem with them. Any ideas?

And what about users who are not ever going to get credentials? (Say, my law firm client wants to put a form on its website where they can get potential claimants in a lawsuit to sign up for representation.) Possible with Ninox or would I use (say) Airtable and then sync with (say) Integromat/Make?


2. Workspaces

I understand that I will be paying for a Ninox account for myself. This gives me unlimited workspaces. As a developer with a number of different clients, how would I organize my work? I'm guessing I'd create a workspace for each law firm, and inside the workspace, I'd put any databases that I've built for that firm. If John Smith of Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith and Liebowitz has access to my SSSSL workspace, his credentials would only get him into that workspace right? He wouldn't be able to wander over into the workspace for Wu Xi and Yang, right?


3. Field level validation

Does Ninox support field level validation? I see that I can require a field to have a value. Can I set up (say) an SSN field for US users and validate to confirm that it has exactly 9 characters, all numerals?


4. Access logs

Is it possible to track who's getting into a database and when (and ideally, from where at least from what IP address)?


5. 2FA?

Does Ninox not support 2FA? For me as owner/developer of an account and/or for my workspace members/users?


6. Workspaces and "Teams"

Workspace = Team, yes? These are synonyms?


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