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Hi guys

I seem to be stuck and cannot find the solution to my problem on the Ninox YouTube channel. Here is what I would like to achieve: sum up the results of a formula field in another table where the corresponding date in the same "row" of the table is from this year.

If I use the formula sum(Prestaties.KB213) I get the alltime results; which is great for now but which will result in a problem starting from next year onwards. The results of the previous years is not relevant and should be filtered out.

It would be fantastic if someone could help me out.

Kind regrads,

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    • Fred
    • Fred
    • 3 mths ago
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    I'm guessing you have a date field in the Prestaties table. If so then you can try:

    sum(Prestaties[year(datefield) = year(today())].KB213)

    This will always get records where the year of the datefield is equal to the current year. So even 10 years from now it will always show you the sum of KB213 for records that match the current year.

  • Wonderful! That does the trick indeed - I tried something similar before but now I see where I got it wrong. Thank you for the prompt reply and solution to the problem, Fred! 🙏

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