Show and hide the Ninox symbols in your tables centrally.

The database 340_CSS plugin in Team Webinar EN 2012 helps to show and hide the Ninox symbols in your tables centrally.

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    • Sean
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Very nice Uwe. Who developed this database? The thread title got my hopes up with the word "centrally", but in my view that would mean one could enter the CSS in "Trigger after open". As it is now, a user needs to create a Formula field for every table like "CSSCopy" and put this in the formula... record(CSS_Dashboard,1).CSS. It also needs to be added to every Tab in a Form, otherwise, the CSS won't be executed for that element.


    I am developing something similar for styling colors and fonts...



    • UweG
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hi Sean
    I developped this database. And yes, your right. You have to create in every table a Formula-Field. 
    The simplicity is, that you have in the dashboard a record for every table and can individual show or hide the Ninox-Symbols.
    It includes instructions on how to integrate it into your own existing projects without too much effort. There are 3 csv files attached and a how-to for the installation.
    So far only in German, but easy to translate into your own language with Deepl.
    I already use it in the 0001_Ninox-Reference.
    I also find your link very interesting and it can possibly be integrated into the dashboard.
    Maybe I'm stealing ideas from you ;-)

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