Increase number by decimal

I thought I posted this but, can't find it so here we go again...


I have a version number field, which when I create a new record I need to automatically increase by 0.1. I've tried it with the

let field := whole max(field name) + 0.1

but it doesn't want to work :/

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    • Nick
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Try this (not tested...)


    let m := max((select YourTable).YourField);
    YourField:= m + 0.1

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    • quartz_cap
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Hi Nick


    A mix of what you offered (adding in the extra brackets) and also changing the location of the formula worked. I had it in the 'on create' of my table which... didn't work because it had no way of identifying the current record haha.

    So, I've so far added the formula to my 'add spec sheet' button and will also add it to the 'revise spec sheet button'. Its working a treat :)

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