How to get a formulae field to show the result of a Dropdown box instead of a number

Ive got a table of staff names

table of scheduling

& a table to show the daily allocation of staff.

table 1: The table of staff names is just so when new staff join and old staff leave, i can simply change this one table.

table 2: table of scheduling is to help the managers see an overall picture of the day and assign the staff is certain areas.

table 3: shows all the information that is needed for a certain area.

Simply i would like it so the managers can use table 2 to plan the day and allocate the staff and the results would be shown in table 3.


When I select a staff name from table 1 in table 2 via a "reference from"

it shows the name of the staff member with a number in front of it.

I then have a formulae field in Table 3 with the following code:

let Datereq := Date;
(select 'Staff Plan')[Date = Datereq].'10am Staff'.

this works except it simply showing the number and not the name.

I can get by this with a 2nd formulae field with if functions but that is not practical if the staff leave or a new staff start.

Is there a way to get the formaule to show the Name.

Ive tried using the 'first' function and 'text()' but with no success.



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