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I have a issue. I send email via ninox and the email goes in spam each time. Any idea how to fix the situation and get the email in mailbox ? 

here the code

    from: text(userEmail(user())),
    to: contact.'E-mail',
    cc: "test@email.com",
    subject: "Here's a lead please follow up on ",
    text: "Please contact Lead attached" + 'Lien PDF',
    html: "<h1>Here's a lead please follow up</h1><i>Please contact Lead attached </i><a href=" + 'Lien PDF' + ">ici</a>"
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  • I have found that when sending test emails effectively back to myself those emails go into junk folder (outlook) However I regularly send emails out to clients and have (as yet) not encountered any that have gone into their junk folders).

    Change your test sample and send one to me o mel@118printgroup.co.uk and I will I will let you know how it comes over to me...

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      • Admin.7
      • 10 mths ago
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      Mel Charles Hello, thanks for your reply ! I have sent it ! 

      however I found "It is because Ninox sends the emails via sendgrid. If email server recognise that the sender address does not match the actual address (sendgrid), this is immediately a reason to move the email to the spam folder." but 

      I'm using the following address so I dont understand what is wrong  : 

      from: text(userEmail(user())),
  • You have indeed come into my junk!

  • Just s thought - When I send my email use only use the master address that is fully registered with Ninox. I don't send any via any of my teams members ! So if you are the only person have you tried hard wiring you send from emails to see if that makes a difference ?

    ie "from "jo bloggs@live.co."

  • I have sent you a test email back to you !! Lets see if that ends up in your junk

    • Katie Rayner
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    • Katie_Rayner
    • 8 mths ago
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    All of my emails (sent via sendgrid through Ninox) to a hotmail, icloud and live domain are blocked entirely, not even going to spam.  How do I resolve this?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Katie

    Just done a few tests my end to double check and all mine are working okay and I use send grid/ninox every day for customer updates/confirmations etc. So I guess Ninox to send grid is working.

    you say all your emails (I know there is a fair use policy so if say you are mass mailing that might trip you up otherwise I think you might have to contact support@ninox.com

    • MariaNinox
    • Customer Service Ninox
    • Maria_pasini
    • 7 mths ago
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    Ninox sends its email through a 3rd party service called SendGrid.
    The customers email domains would have to be added to the SendGrid account. However, this is not a service that we provide.

    To go around the mail issue you could send emails over Integromat. Please check the following tutorials:

    Another option would be to get the Ninox Enterprise (Private Cloud or Onpremises) which would allow you to connect to a SMTP server either hosted by you or a provider.

      • Naz Andru
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      • Naz_Andru
      • 7 mths ago
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      Maria Can we get this setup?  

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