forbid multi line copy paste in views ?

I just recently discovered that if you have a multiline text stored in the copy paste buffer, then accidentally paste his text in a view, it will change as many lines as there are lines in the original copied text.

If you have a long text stored or even worse if you have an Excel spreadsheet stored then it might affect a very considerable number of lines.

Also if the first value is what you actually wanted to paste you may not notice that all the below lines are modified also. The error might become embedded in all the data keyed in that day and may be discovered very long after, making it a big hassle to correct.


Of course, there could be a work around solution: Define display field for each field that exists or display columns as a function even if it doesn’t do anything to forbid king anything in that view cell.

But both are not satisfactory as they require doubling all the fields and it’s not very handy for the first and for the second it’s not very handy either and it might affect display times...

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    • Fred
    • 8 mths ago
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    Wow, I've never tried that before. That is quite the issue.

    I tried it in a view element and it doesn't do the same thing as a view form. It does mess up that one field but it doesn't copy across multiple records and fields.

    Which will lead me to bring up dashboards, again. 😉 Not with you, but in general.

    If you want to do security or data validation or data protection, then you need to take control of the entire UI of the DB. Do not allow users to interact with your raw data. Though view elements does allow users to do that.

      • PIERRE_M
      • 8 mths ago
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        Use the "copyPasteText.ninox" database;

      1. open database using  edge (windows )

      2. copy the content of testtext.txt

      3. select the upper left cell of the view but do no enter it (like screen 1 ; the cursor should not be flasinh in the cell)

      4. paste : you will obtain screen 2

      If I wanted to follow state of the art practices regarding data security and integrity, I would not use Ninox. I use Ninox because it is "simple" and "relatively reliable", a good compromise between Excel and state of the art developmments.

      But this copy paste issue accros multiple lines in view  IS A BIG ISSUE, expacially as is does not allow "UNDO"  /CTR+Z. And there is nos point using ninox if you have to develop a workaround on that, Ninox would lose most of its simplicity.

      • Fred
      • 8 mths ago
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       I understand how it the issue works. I guess I would humbly disagree with your comment on “to develop a workaround on that, Ninox would lose most of its simplicity.”

      All applications have workarounds because the developer designed something that doesn’t work like you want it. If it is a deal breaker for you then OK.

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