Is it possible to use a global function (defined in Ninox) via Ninox API query endpoint?


I try to make use of the query endpoint of the ninox API. I use the Ninox API Call task in Integromat for this and I am able to successfully test the API connection (I could successfully test it by using sendEmail() function). However, I am not able to use my own functions defined in Ninox  "global script definitions". So my question is: Is that somehow possible?

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    • Kaan_Dikmen
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Hi Simon - I can make this work with globally-defined functions that only return data (text, number, boolean). It didn't work well when I used functions that were supposed to manipulate my Database or Tables - for example: using a field with an image URL and running the script that downloads that and places it in an Image field. But I haven't explored fully whether other aspects of the Database can be manipulated via API...

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