Json object - get a property without quotation marks

I have followed instructions in “Ninox HTTP Calls” manual where it says


...JSON objects.

Get a property
The dot notation gives easy access to properties. Examples:

response.result.fields.'First Name'...


But when I tried to get a value containing string value ob.key it returned me string inside quotation marks. To get rid of them I used substr(text(ob.key), 1, length(text(ob.key)) - 2) 

It is a lot of extra functions just to get a value as it had to be, so maybe I am doing something wrong?

P.S. As far as I experimented I can see that there is currently no support for updating values inside arrays or objects after they have been declared. I am right? For example array[0] := value or item(array,0) := value or object[“key”] := value or object.key := value

P.S.S. How do you put " " and ' ' on an iPad? Because those keys that are in its keyboard enter “ “ and ‘ ‘ . And because Ninox doesnt approve that, every time I need to select somewhere, copy and paste it. I have keyboard set to English (UK) in settings.

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    • Birger H
    • Birger_H
    • 4 yrs ago
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    You can book a screensharing session with me via this link:


  • Keyboard strokes

    " is done by pressing and holding the (? Key)

    ' is done by pressing and holding the (! Key)

    I hope this helps.

     I found that even on my PC I could not get the proper quotation marks.  If somebody could help me with getting my PC keyboard to generate the appropriate quotation marks that would be great. 

    • Sean
    • Sean
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Do you even Google, bro? Just kidding! Surprisingly, there isn't much information on this that isn't specific to Word or Outlook. Try this...



    or this...


  • Yep, matter fact I do Google. I googled this question before asking it in the Forum. It did not yield any useful results. So here's the question. By the way did I spell Google correctly? LOL

    • Sean
    • Sean
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I think so...




    Did the link in my previous post work for you?

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