Open a URL in a table from another table.

I have a table 'locations' in which I have a field (URL) to a OneDrive folder to display a file associated with a record (a room drawing).  

In a child table 'project equipment' I have a formula that display the URL which I can then use to go to the OneDrive folder file/drawing.

What I would prefer is to use a button that opens the appropriate linked record and the drawing.  That is to say:

From 'project equipment' click button....find linked record.....open URL field.

Does anyone have a sample script I can modify to suit my purposes?

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  • I use this to open quotes in another table from a job bag table (from a button)

    should make sense and should be easy to mod

    so quoteref will be you be your field for the url

    quotes is my table name

    and qtenum is the match (to again i guess you will match to the url field)

    works for me!

    let xCopy := 'Quote Ref';
    let i := first(select Quotes where QteNum = xCopy);

  • P.s hope you get on okay but if not - can someone have a look as going on holiday for a few days and will be off line

      • Alan Cooke
      • Alan_Cooke
      • 8 mths ago
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      Mel Charles Thanks for this. Sorry for not getting back sooner but I did not get an email alert of the reply :-(

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