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After hours of reading and testing, I am still no nearer so am forced to ask.

Using the Mac app, I want to import a (local, i.e. on the Mac) folder full of images into a simple table with an image field and a text field. Currently for each record, the image field [image] is empty and the text field [imPath] holds the absolute path to an actual image file. The paths are correct and any way I test this gets to the correct image.

Simple question. Can someone please explain how to coerce Ninox into performing this simple task.

Using 'Bulk Edit' for the table, I've tried setting the image field to the path field (one method I have read that is supposed to work). Nope.

I tried to use 'Bulk Edit' and import file() to place the image in the image field, but Ninox told me that process "cannot modify data", which is rather bizarre as surely this is precisely what 'Bulk Edit' is supposed to do.

I also tried a button that iterates through the table and uses import file():-

for p in select Photos do
    p.(image := importFile(p, p.imPath))

In each case text(image) reveals the correct filename, preceded by the folder letters it uses and the Id, i.e. how Ninox normally does it. But the folder it is supposed to be using has not been created. In fact nothing has been created in Ninox's 'files' folder where all images should be stored and no images are displayed in Ninox. So nothing is actually imported.

It does iterate through the table correctly. If I start with the image field empty, the button procedure above sets the image field for each record and a generic icon with question mark is displayed for each record as it is updated - just not with the correct data.

What I cannot determine is the format for the path that Ninox can use. I have tried a straightforward absolute path, beginning with '/' etc ( completely correct to each file) and also a 'file:///…' URL but neither works.

So, would really appreciate some explanation of how to make Ninox bulk import image files into a table. I simply cannot fathom what it needs.

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    • UKenGB
    • 1 yr ago
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    I have run the loop multiple times and the result is that text(imageField) shows the image is set to what one might expect, but the image has not been imported at all. Ninox's 'files' folder (where it stores all images) has simply not had anything added.

    I am coming to the conclusion that importFile() is exactly the same as shareFile() and simply does NOT work in the Mac app. Maybe they do for the cloud version, but that's no comfort to me.

    Anyone disabuse me of this conclusion? Has anyone got importFile() working on the Mac? If so, pray tell.

    Without that, the ONLY way to add any images is to manually drag each one individually into the Ninox record and once there, it CANNOT be moved or copied to any other record. I thought computers (especially Macs) were supposed to make image management like this simple and save our time. Ha.

    • Sean_Wood
    • 1 yr ago
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    Hi, If anyone can answer this I would be soooooo grateful as I have exactly the same need. I have candidates for an audition who fill-in an online form on our website plus load photos. Importing a csv file that the submissions produces is fine in Ninox, no problems there. But the image fields only  of course get the image path. I can download that image folder and set the path to a local one on my Mac but cannot find how to import these into the relevant fields for each candidate entry. I've tried buttons with loops, etc can't get it to work. Don't quite understand the Ninoxadmin app workaround either. Help?

      • UKenGB
      • 1 yr ago
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      AlexisO I gave up. In the end I added a button that opened a Finder window (opeURL()) to the folder containing the photo I wanted (I had the full path in another field) and dragged that image into the record where it was needed. 126 drags later I had eventually got them all where I needed them.

      I am at a loss to understand why they cannot be imported when you have the EXACTLY CORRECT pathname, but Ninox has some BIG holes in its capability and this is one of the biggest.

    • wstarnes
    • 1 yr ago
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    I need the same solution. 

    Has anyone been able to bulk import images?

    Can anyone in the group assist in providing a workable solution?

    • cyan_silver
    • 9 mths ago
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