Display rich text format content from a formula field

As Ninox can't hide empty fields, I need to create some "formula" fields that calculate the content to show. The formula is this:

for i in range(count('Diagnòstics'.Ordre)) do
   if item('Diagnòstics'.'Afegir plantilla', i) = true then
      item('Diagnòstics'.'Diagnòstic'.Text, i)

The "Diagnòstics" field is a related Table that has 3 columns (1:N). The first one is a numeric field, 'Ordre'. The second one, 'Text' a rich text field, and the third column contains a true/false button (Afegir plantilla).

The intention is to display only the content of the rich text field if the true/false field is set to TRUE.

The formula field correctly display the contents of ALL the rich text field (preserving the rich text format) when their corresponding true/false buttons are set to TRUE (see attached image).


BUT if I put the formula field in my print designer, nothing displays. I've also tried to enter the same formula in the print layout designer, but still does not work. The only thing I'm able to to is to concat ALL the different Text fields, losing the rich format and displaying one near the other, comma separated.




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