Multiple Choice Facts

Because a Multiple Choice field is quite complicated to extract values from, these are just some of the things you need to know.
Check MultipleChoiceFacts in the Webinar EN 2020 team.



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  • Nifty! Thank you.

  • Interesting summary. One little thing: in my experience, it seems that writing text('Multiple choice') is a simpler way to get what is shown as the result of concat(text('Multiple choice')). Can you reproduce this?

  • Alain,

    You are right! Thanks for pointing that out.

    Already changed the example in the Team and it works like you said.

  • UPDATE: New undocumented feature of the “chosen” function.(works only with multiple choice fields)

    If you use chosen(“Multiple choice”) you get an array of the selections in the multiple choice field.

    When using chosen(“Multiple choice”,text) you get a true or false depending if the text is one of the choice fields.

    Or using chosen(“Multiple choice”,number) you get a true or false if the number of the choice is selected.


    Thanks Leonid Semik for pointing that out in the German forum.

    Check MultipleChoiceFacts in the Webinar EN 2020 team for update.


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  • No more possible to upload images on this forum?

  • Came here looking for help extracting multiple choice values, and you guys did not let me down!! This worked perfectly for me!

    FYI, one odd thing I noticed, which actually worked in my favor but could be a wrench for some folks:

    • When I only extracted one list to a string, commas were added between each option (see first pic)

    • When I extracted more than one list, there weren“t any commas (see second pic)...

    Thankfully the latter is exactly what I need (can”t afford the added characters when commas are inserted)

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  • Welp... guess that answers another question, Steven! I can“t post pics either! What the....

  • Thats a relief though it was just my posts that had somehow broken the pics upload ha ha

    Whats going on?


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