Show a form within a form and link it to a contact.

I have a Form which is called "Contacts" for my customers. On this form is data such as name, address etc.

I have another form which shows around 30 choice fields for pupil progress, each with 3 possible choices. I want to be able to add this form on to the Contacts form. I have tried to do this but can only see the choice fields as a table and not the same layout as the form I created.

I am a driving instructor and want to see a "progress record" on each pupil's record.

Does that make sense? Thanks!

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    Not fully understanding what the "30 choice fields" are doing....  Several Options come to mind...   You could create a data model like the following:


    Then on the composite relationship.. you would see all 30 choice fields linked to the single contact. 




    Or .. you can put all 30 choice fields on the main contact table.. and display them in a "tab".. 

    Or... if not every contact will have all 30 choice fields populated.. you can build an association table between the contact and the choices... and populate that with just the required values.. 


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    • Jan_Inge_Iversen
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    What about using multippel choice?

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    • RoSoft_Steven.1
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    There you can use a formula field with 'M Choices' in the formula to display all your selected options of the multiple choice field 'M Choices'.



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