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I think this is quite basic, but I'm new to all this and still learning! I have a table of contacts and one of the fields is a choice field that lists about 50 or so electoral ridings and I have selected the riding for each contact. I'd like to have another table that lists all the ridings and totals the number of contacts in each riding. So I created a separate table with all the ridings listed as separate records and then linked this table to contacts. In that separate table, I created a function field, but I have no idea what function would then pull from the electoral ridings choice field of contacts in order to total them up. Or even if that's possible. thanks anyone who can help!

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    Welcome to the world of DB.

    What is the reference field name that links your two tables together?

    Can you post a picture of your data model?

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  • The cleanest way to achieve something like this ist to link the tables together.


    I made a little mockup of how I understand your requirements. Let me know if you need some more informations

  • Okay this was helpful, but still can't quite get it to work. I've linked Electoral Ridings table to Contacts which has the Electoral Riding field for each contact. Here is what I have so far, but it's not totalling. 

  • I think you have to make the connection the other way around. I believe you want to count the amount of Members of this Riding. What you count now ist the number of Ridings that this Contact has.

    If you look at my example database you'll see that I have a function field inside of the table 'Ridings' where I count the connected Members with 

    cnt(Contacts[Type = 1])
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    • Etienne Scherrer thank you thank you! yes you are so right! I had to examine your fields and then I saw that the arrow was pointing the other way. turned things around and it works!

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