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Hello, I would like to create several tables and link them together. I can not do it.
1 contact table with the information of the person and a selection box B, C and / or D.
Then create 1 table B, 1 table C, 1 table D. When the contact is selected B has its card appears in table B, if it is selected C, it appears in C, ...
Can you help me please?

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    • Alexander_Koenig
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Hi, have a look at the contacts template. It has several linked tables for information such as multiple e-mails and so on.

    Best regards, Alex

    • Ron_RLA720_mscpostpr
    • 4 yrs ago
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    "fr.crettenand@me.co" - Thank you for asking about that.  I, too, am fairly new to Ninox, and that is exactly what I wondered about at first. 

    In my case, I am building a database with two tables:  1-products   2-ingredients.  Many products have several ingredients.  And many ingredients are used in several products.  In database "lingo" we call that "many-to-many" relationship.  It is working now very nicely here, and probably will work so for you, too.

    If you would please post a few screen prints of what you have done already, I think there is a quick and easy answer to your question.  But without some details from you, cannot be sure.

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