Can I add icons?

I use Ninox to manage my income and expenses for tax. This means categorising the expenses as travel, production costs etc. using a picklist. As this is quite a long list I use icons in the list to help identify values. E.g. pizza slice = food whilst travelling, red car = taxi.

I'm missing train for rail travel and a few others and wondered if there's a way to add them to the database so it appears on both Mac and iOS - which I use whilst away from home.

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  • Hi, we have more icons planned. I guess there will be also the possibility to add custom icons.

    Best, Alex

  • Chatterer -  I agree with you about the icons.  And, I'm sorry, Alex, but your reply is far off course.   There are two, easy  solutions to the problem.

    1.  First solution -- available right now with no need to wait for any "possibility".  Mac OSX standard fonts have a huge selection of icons built in.

    2: Second solution -- requires a bit of coding at NX, but just a bit.  Icons should be just another table.  NX provides some icon records.  And user/admins can easily add as many more as we want, using image fields.  So easy.


    Chatterer, here's your pizza, and taxi, and a nice train icon, too.  (Took about 60 seconds to do it.)


    To access icons:  ✔︎ "Show input menu in menu bar" in System Preferences like this:

  • (Note #1: The keyboard selection above, "Thai - Pattachote", has nothing to do with icons.  It was just the language selection when I made the screen shot.  Can be any language.)

    (Note #1-A:  Nothing to do with icons, but about foreign languages, strange foreign languages.  I use Thai language.  Ninox handles it perfectly.  Thank you, Ninox.)

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    Thanks for the responses Alex and Ron. Ron, I'll check out your suggestions. It will be interesting to see if the font icons work on both Mac and iOS, without going to the effort of setting up a (linked?) table with images.

  • Thanks Ron, good idea!

  • But how do I change font in a field or label, so I can use the icons there?
    And is it possible to use the icons whos already there, in a label?

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    Jam Inge, maybe use formulas with styled text results instead of labels?

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