I'm looking for a way to filter and delete records after import

I need a way to filter a field in a table, so after I import records into the field they can automaticly be deleted from the table.

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  • Can you explain your needs with more detail?

    "importing records into fields???"

  • I get sales data from my vendors website by exporting the data to excel .CSV files.

    There are 10 differant vendors so I have 10 Excel files.

    There is data in some of the fields I want to filter out. (I do it manually in the excel file now)

    I would like to use the "Trigger on create or Trigger after update" but I"m open to any suggestions.

    EX: I want to delete all the records with the name "John, Paul & George" in the field [Name]

    In some cases I want to delete filled or empty fields.

    Can you help me with the programing, I may also want to use a button.

  • I'm not an expert but I'll do my best.

    I created a simple table TABLE1 with the following fields:
    N - type number
    Name - Type text
    Flag - Type Yes/No
    filled with the following records:
    10 John Yes
    20 Lewis No
    30 Mary No
    40 Peter No
    50 Paul Yes

    Records 10 and 50 are supposed to be deleted because they have the Flag field marked "yes".

    The following statement will delete those records:
    delete select TABLE1 where Flag = true ;

    And you get only:
    20 Lewis No
    30 Mary No
    40 Peter No

    So you could:
    1. have in your excel files a column to mark those fields you want to delete after import.
    2. create in your table a YES/NO field.
    3. import your records.
    4. Create a Form View and add a Button to this view.
    5. In the "On click" box of the button insert the code to delete records marked with yes.
    6. Any time you Click the button all records with a "yes" on the Flag field will be deleted.

    Or, instead of creating a View and a button, you could simply run the above delete command from the Console.

    I think this is what you need.
    Perhaps someone can have a better suggestion.

  • Thanks Jose, But I don't want to have to flag records.

    Do you know how to tell me how to delete all the John's and Mary's

    • Sean
    • Sean
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Did you look at the Delete records section here??



    • jiya wish
    • solo learn
    • jiya_wish
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Did you try [url="https://owlymail.com/faq"]temp mail[/url]. It;s free tool.

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