Calculate Distance using 2 location fields (Road miles)

I am working on a project for a friend that works for a delivery service.  The table is called “Deliveries”.  In this table I have 2 location fields, “Restaurant Address” and Customer Address”.  I needed to either calculate the road distance between the two addresses or imported from the map and store this result in another field that I have created called “Trip Distance”.  If anyone has any suggestions how to do this or suggest a website that would have the information, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    There is a similar thread on this forum.. tho I could not quickly find it.. :(.   I looked into this math some time ago.. there are numerous references .. just GTS (Google That S****)..  You will have to play around with how Ninox stores lat/long as most of the math also wants degrees and direction .. 

    What platform will you deploy ???   Let us assume Ninox Cloud.. You can then use a provided API,such as google Maps API..  Weekly Ninox hosts an integration Webinar.. Perhaps bring this request to them.. 

    You can sign up here.. https://ninoxdb.de/en/webinar

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