Ninox 3.7.0—Now available for Public Cloud

We’re happy to announce that Ninox 3.7.0 is now available for Public Cloud—and soon the new release will be available for your Private Cloud and On-Premises with some more exciting features.

  • Public Cloud (web app)—available now

  • Public Cloud (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android)—starting Tuesday, August 30

  • Private Cloud and On-Premises—starting Tuesday, September 20

Visit the release notes and sign up for our free webinar, Ninox 3.7.0—What's new for a live demo. Frank Böhmer, CEO at Ninox, will show you the new features and improvements.

🔜Sign up for Webinar

If you want to give feedback for 3.7.0, the best way is to contact our Support team.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you—our active Ninox community—as well as all beta testers. You’ve contributed enormously to the improvement of Ninox with your support.

Thank you and have fun with Ninox 3.7.0!



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