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I have a table for our Corporate Events we plan called Event Details. There is a table named Staff that is joined to it containing all of our staff.

One event could have multiple staff and a single staff member could work on multiple events. 

From the Staff table, in a view, I'd like a way to display the # of events a staff member has been on. How do I create a formula column to display total events worked next to each staffer's name in the view? This is so I don't have to click into a Staff record to see the count.  


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    You must have a N:N (many to many) table linking Event Details with Staff, what is the name of that table? That N:N table should show up in your staff table so you can do a count of the reference link.


    If I was designing the data model it would probably look something like:

    Worker table

    Event Detail table

    Staff table (child of Event Detail and with a reference link to Worker)

    With this setup on the Worker table I could create a formula field with:


    and it will show how many events the worker has been assigned to.

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