Auto-populate pricing from another table?

Ok Ninox wizards, now I'm trying to auto-populate some pricing and job details.

Here are the top level details:

  • Main table is 'Job Status Log' which has 100s of job entries that are connected to my...
  • 'Project Details' table, which is where I put in the details of each job (info, pricing, tax calculated, etc)
  • This is not a 'sub' table yet, but it could be if needed (have to figure out how to do that, haha)
  • Screen shot of setup attached

Ideally, I'd love to be able to:

  • Type in the 'Details' text field and have it auto populate details that are sourced from a 'pricing' table
  • For example, if I were to type in 'Brand Gui...' it would populate 'Brand Guide, Per Page' and give me an option to choose from x3 tiers of pricing, then based on the tier I pick it would auto populate the price that again is dictated in the 'pricing' table I've created 
  • The thought behind this is because:
    • Most of my jobs are serviced based, and priced per-job (not hourly) and based on client type.
    • For example, I wouldn't charge a small mom-and-pop type business the same thing that I would charge another, larger client where the design I create would get more visibility and use 
  • Ideally, I'd also like to have the ability to modify the 'details' and 'price' fields depending on if I need to add additional details or a discount/markup

Maybe this is a 'pie in the sky' type thing, but as a whole it would be great to standardize my pricing a bit. Any ideas on how to accomplish or make this easier please let me know. Still fairly basic but learning lots...

Thank you!

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    • Fred
    • 3 days ago
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    What you need is a reference field in Project Details that points to Job Pricing. You can call it whatever you want in Project Details, but let us leave it as Job Pricing for now.

    For every new record in Project Detail you will click on Job Pricing and at the top will be a search box and you can start typing in "Brand Gui..." and it will bring up any record with any data with "Brand Gui". Then you can select the record you want. You can modify the columns that are shown in the pop up.

    You can then create three buttons in Project Detail below Job Pricing that say Low, Mid, High and put the following code in each, assuming that Project Detail.Quote is a number field:

    Quote := 'Job Pricing'.Low

    Replace "Low" with the appropriate field name for Mid and High.

      • Taylor_Hanson
      • 3 hrs ago
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      Thank you, I'll give that a try!

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