Need Assistance with Creating a Search Button and Displaying Results in a Table

Hello Ninox community,

I am an IT professional assisting my wife, who is a real estate agent, in utilizing the Ninox platform.

We have just discovered this tools few days ago.

We are looking for a easy way to efficiently manage her properties and clients using Ninox.

We have set up tables for "Property" and "Buyer" and have created a "Search" table to input various search criteria. Our objective is to implement a "Search" button on this table that, when clicked, triggers a process to identify properties matching the specified criteria and displays them in a table.

Here's a brief overview of our current setup:

  1. Tables:

    • Property
    • Buyer
    • Search
  2. Fields:

    • Property table: Contains details about each property.
    • Buyer table: Holds information about potential buyers.
    • Search table: Where search criteria is inputted.
  3. Desired Technical Functionality:

    • The "Search" button on the "Search" table needs to initiate a search process.
    • The matching properties should be displayed in a table.

Technical Questions:

  1. How can we code the "Search" button on the "Search" table to trigger the search process?
  2. Once the search process is initiated, what steps do we take to display the matching properties in a table?

While we have reviewed Ninox tutorials, we haven't found explicit guidance on coding these functionalities.

I can code ... it's not a problem. But, it's difficult to find the right ressources/

We would greatly appreciate any technical insights, examples, or resources that can assist us in implementing this functionality effectively. Thank you for your valuable assistance!

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    • Rafael Sanchis
    • Rafael_Sanchis
    • 3 mths ago
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      • Rafael Sanchis
      • Rafael_Sanchis
      • 3 mths ago
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      this works in View no in button

    • Ninox developper
    • Jacques_TUR
    • 3 mths ago
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    I suppose you have criteria on the number of rooms, the area of the house, the area of the garden, etc...

    In this case, you can use display the list of results directly in the Search table form using a View field in which you would put the formula:

    var t := this;

    select Property where nbRooms = t.nbRooms or houseArea = t.houseArea;

    • Fred
    • 3 mths ago
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    Welcome to Ninox and its sad state of documentation.

    You should look into dashboards. There are some good ones from Nioxus and Ninox. Your Search table could become your dashboard to access data in the other tables.

    Nioxus posts a lot of videos on YouTube to help you get started.

    This forum is a good place to get help.

    For me, I learned a lot by watching previous open support sessions by Nioxus. You have to subscribe to their support program, but the lowest level gets you access to the video vault so you can watch the videos.

    Good luck.

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