Filter appointments shown in Calendar

Is there a way, to filter the Appointments which are shown in the Calendar?

E.g. when an Appointment is cancelled, this is recorded in the Table. Based on this "cancelled" can i hide/filter that this element is not shown anymore in the calendar (an not sync'd)?

When putting an "if" in the formula for the "Show As" it gives and "undefined" when it is empty.

Any help appreciated.


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    • carabooks
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    I have a similar question, and did try the solution you suggest,  Andreas Pilz , but its failure led me to search for help, which is how I found your query. I had configured my Deadline field to appear in my calendar with a custom label identifying the project in question, with the following code, and it was working perfectly:

    text('CLIENT ID') + "." + text('PROJECT ID') + " / " + text('Project type') + " / " + text('Project/Book title/Author')

    But then I tried embedding that code in an If/Then/Else so that only "In progress" or "In queue" projects would show in the calendar. 

    This failed in two ways. Not only do "Proposed" and "Completed" projects show in the calendar anyway, but the custom label is now gone.


    I don't know code, so I've been doing this by in Visual mode, but I've pasted the text code here for those of you who know your way around coding. I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide - - many thanks!

    • Holly_M
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    Any progress on this? I also have a similar problem that when a record has the Complete field checked (Yes/No field), I'd like to have it removed from the calendar. I don't see anything that specifically allows for a calendar filter option like with Views.

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