Can you setup a autofill finish from previous entries

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    • Kim
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Hi and thanks for your ideas on this. It's great in a lot of ways, But it won't work if you start deleting rows.

    First of all it selects from the Id field which is counting on even if rows is deleted. If I have row 1,2,3 with id 1,2,3 and then delete row 3. Then The next record will be row 3 again BUT, ID 4. It will then check for values from 4-1 which is 3 and that id does not exist anymore. Therefore no value will be presented.

    What I need it to do is to find the number of rows instead and select the value from the second next highest rowvalue. 

    That I really can't figure out how to do. I can count the number of values(Rows) but how do I get it to select the second next largest number if it is not in direct order -1??? 

    Like if I have this sequence 1,2,3,4,5,7,10,13,15,20,21,22,23,26.

    And I'd like to pick number 23?   It's not 26-1? Mayby concat-1?

    Any ideas?



    • Ninox partner
    • RoSoft_Steven.1
    • 4 yrs ago
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    I guess making an array of the iD's of the records and then select the last one - 1.

    let k := cnt(select Products);
    let l := select Products order by iD;

    let j := item(l, k-1);
    let m := record(Products,j).Field;

    Newfield := m

    I guess The code could use some tweaking, didn't try (Just from the loose wrist) could be just k without the -1 also.


    • Sean
    • 4 yrs ago
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    You can change the formula to get the last record where the field you are wanting to autofill isn't null.


    number(last(select YourTable where YourAutoFillField != null).Id)

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