is it possible to include all item in a filter?

I have: let Cl := number(client.ID)

               (select Achats)[ number(Contact.ID) = Cl and other things....]

if I have a contact selected in the client field, it s ok but if the field is empty, it wont work. Is there a way to tell it that when Cl = null then takes all possible value or something?

I wish to update a field ''Rank'' inside a table under certain conditions... the things is that I wont have a formula for each case...so would be nice to have a solution...I always have like 100 possibility...if I add contact field and other field like this...should be around 300...too crazy!

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  • Hi,


    let Cl := number(client.ID);
    if not Cl then select Achats else
    (select Achats)[ number(Contact.ID) = Cl and other things....]



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