is it possible to program a button using statements contained in a choice pull down menu?

is it possible to program a button using statements contained in a choice pull down menu?

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    • mpdickens
    • mpdickens
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Thinking about it, what I really want to do is reprogram a button using a choice pull down menu to execute a trigger after update function.  Does anyone know how to do this or something like it...?

  • Hi,


    of course, you can use "contains" in a button. Pls also note the "chosen" and "numbers" statemnents. Chosen gives you back all the selected values in a multiple choiuce field, whereas "numbers" refers to the index of a multiple choice field. 


    Hope this will help you

    Regards Emanuel

    • Javier Gómez
    • Consultant and developer
    • Javier
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Can I, say, hit a button and then open a table view that filters the data using a variable? For example, imagine 2 tables:

    Table 1: categories

    Table2: products

    I want to make a button in the categories table that, when pressed, shows the table products, selects a view and then filters the products using the category ID from table 1.

    I can use openTable("Table2","Products"), to open the Table 2 from Table 1 and show the view "Products", what now I also want to filter the "Products" View using the value of a field from Table 1.


    Thanks in advance,

  • Javier, your question reminds me of the sample Ninox solution "Link Tables". It allows you to create a button that automatically links (relates) Table1 and Table2. The script is placed in a button on the Table1 form. The script is:

    let myTable1 := Id;
    let myText := Text;
    for i in (select Table2)[Text = myText] do
    i.(Table1 := myTable1)

    I recently imported data from two FileMaker tables into two Ninox tables and used this script to relate one table to the other, on the fly. It works extremely well. In edit mode, within Table2 I dragged the Table1 relation from the right side over to the left and set the relation's Composition popup to "Yes". Then I placed the above script in a button on the Table1 form. The Table2 list view is automatically placed at the bottom of the Table1 form, so when you click the button you can instantly see each Table2 record as it is added based on the current Table1 key. In your case the current Table1 key would be the "variable" that you mention above. In my case, it was the value from the key column of the FileMaker parent table that was imported into my Ninox Table1.

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