Display linked records within the according table view

If you have a main record with several linked records (e.g. record of a contact/customer with a list of linked invoices) and you want to access those directly in the according table view, you can achieve this by the following:

1. Add a Yes/No field inside the table which lists your linked records (TABLEOFLINKEDRECORDS)

2. Create a new table view ("FILTEREDVIEW"), add the Yes/No field as a column to your view and set a filter to the Yes/No field equal to "Yes"

3. Add a button to the table with your main record with the following script and adapt it to your databases table and field names:

let mylinkedRecords := (select TABLEOFLINKEDRECORDS where 'Yes / No' != null);
for i in mylinkedRecords do
    i.('Yes / No' := null)
REFERENCEFIELD.('Yes / No' := 1);
openTable("Invoice", "FILTERED VIEW")


If your table of linked records has a high number of records you might want to consider to add the "do as server" to the first 4 lines in order to accelerate the calculation.

In order to be able to use this function while working with multiple users make sure to change the setting: "More options-Binding" of the added Yes/No field to "Per record in memory (Browser)". You might have to refresh the page and click on the created button twice in order for the change to be effective.

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