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I am still thrashing about in the underbrush sometimes. I've got a small database to organize plant information (seeds, cuttings, when to plant, etc). I'm using a local version of Ninox--I'd tell you which version, but I can't find a version number anywhere. (Is it in there? If so, pls let me know where to look.)

There are a number of fields that are multiple choice. I prefer to display the choices as radio buttons, but they don't all have the same number of choices, so the "top lines" on each field are all at different levels, which makes the data entry page harder to read. 

In searching the forum, it looks like Ninox didn't originally have much in the way of format choices, even rudimentary ones. I wonder if a more recent release has improved on this, or if someone has a workaround. 

Thanks in advance for any help with this,

Marcia Morrison
in Salem, Massachusetts

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    I'm having this exact same problem. Is there a solution?

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