Is there a known problem with dynamic printing?

In the last couple of days, all my attempts to dynamic print failed. Even if I try to print a blank page, I continually get an error message!

Does anyone else face the same problem?

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    • Fred
    • 6 mths ago
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    I was able to produce a test print. I do use a custom JSON, so I don't know if that makes a difference.

    • Mel_Charles
    • 6 mths ago
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    No issues to speak of

    Do you want to upload a screen shot of your "word" source file design, so we can take a look at yout temple script wise

    • szormpas
    • 6 mths ago
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    Hi   and   , thanks for your reflections!

    Still I am not be able to print even the most basic word file template such as {d.ΟΝΟΜΑ}. "ΟΝΟΜΑ" is a simple text field as you can see in the screenshot below.

    So, I guess there is an issue with my public cloud acount and I have to contact ninox support. I let you know when I get any response!

    • szormpas
    • 6 mths ago
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    Hi, today I got a response to my request from Ninox support regarding the above problem.

    They asked me to try to use custom JSON, which I did, and I quickly printed something.

    So, custom JSON is currently the only reliable option.

    I have to rebuild the Word document template from scratch!

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