Bug or Limitation: Combo Box References: Limited Capacity

I created a table with 500 or so entries.

I want to create a refernce to this table from another table using the "Combo Box" option for Table Reference.

Unfortunately the system does not return or allow me to search on the entire list, only the first hundred entries or so.  If what I seek is not in those first hundred entries it appears as if the records do not exist (which is not the case).

If I create a dynamic lookup instead of a table reference I am able to achieve what I want, but it is limited to a "left-match" only algorithm (e.g., if I am looking for "City" it will find "City of San Francisco" but not "Salt Lake City").

Recommend reworking the lookup logic for table references using combo boxes to at least match what is possible for dynamic lookups, and ideally, a substring search for the fields to be displayed.  

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    • Fred
    • 3 yrs ago
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    First of all, wow! 500 enteries in a combo box is huge. Is there any way of categorizing them so you can do a cascading selection. You would select Category 1, then Category 2, then actual item?


    For your dynamic choice/multi field did you try a like?


    select Table1 where Field1 like "City"


    When I do a search for "and" on a list of 897 horse names, I get all names that start, have in the middle, and end with "and".

    • msmith02116
    • 3 yrs ago
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    The use case is to have inexperienced, non-admin users avoid the linked table "popup" field: the UI is not what they expect and they end up adding entries rather than selecting them.  These same users will be looking up names, which are not classified in any particular fashion, so a cascading selection won't help.  Several other systems have the concept of an "autocomplete" field, which, after a certain threshold number of characters have been entered, displays a partial list of values in a selection list.  The list narrows down as more characters are entered.  This is similar to the way the dynamic lookup field works now, except that the "autocomplete" field performs a pattern match on the entire string, not merely a left-hand match.

    • janeefielding
    • 2 yrs ago
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    I am attempting to do this and am not familiar with a dynamic lookup.. any hints or examples would be appreciated.  Even with left open characters would be very helpful compared to opening another screen..

    • Danjamesmedia
    • 2 yrs ago
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    There is a limit of 100 entries for a dropdown, so your best bet is using a "link to" field.

    You can stop users creating records (when we want them to only link them) by adjusting the "can create" permissions on the linked table

    • Tim
    • 1 yr ago
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    Dan, permissions like "can create" are not available in the stand-alone version. Don't forget about us!

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