Circular Reference

I had some formulas on a few fields that worked fine.

When i tried to introduce some qualifying statement, they suddenly fell apart, giving me "Circular reference" errors.

Then, even after i removed the qualifying statement, i still got circular reference errors!

Here's an example where i tried to expand the if qualifier, got cicular reference errors, deleted the expanded statement, then still got circular reference errors.


In fact, Ninox deleted the field that was supposedly circular - something i find really annoying - and subtituted EA - what does that mean?

Regarding deleting of expressions, why does Ninox do this? I experience it regularly. Why can't it just add the red highight - which is very good - but retain the faulty expressions? Why are they deleted?

You can be working on something for a while, then suddenly Ninox sends it up in smoke.

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    • Rico
    • 3 yrs ago
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    In my screenshot, my expression isn't deleted, just a field.

    But i've had other cases where Ninox deletes a whole expression.

    • Rico
    • 3 yrs ago
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    To be clear, the formula Days Req depends on the results of the formula Movement Req, but Movement Req does not refer to Days Req, so i don't understand how it's a circular reference.

    • Rico
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I *think* i have the answer to this for my real formula.

    The issue for the formula proper wasn't a circular reference, but trying to perform divisions with a field that was sometimes empty.

    The formula shown above is just a simplified version of the real formula to illustrate the circular reference error.

    Once i set a condition for the formula not to calculate with a null field, things worked fine.

    Even so, i'm still puzzled by the screenshot above, although i don't really care about that now.

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