Printing with iPad Ninox: doesn't access all fonts

I've set up forms with a Mac desktop version of Ninox --specifically using Arial Narrow. When using IOS Ninox, I can't access the same font, needed to fit the text within the form. I've checked to make sure other applications access Arial Narrow, both Word and Pages do.

Prior versions on the iPad accessed this font and the forms worked, but no longer. Is this a Ninox issue?

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    • bflack
    • 11 mths ago
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    I’ve found a work-around, using the same font available both in the desktop and iPad apps. Because I need a “condensed” font (to cram in more text in limited space), there’s only one apparent choice, Avenir Next Condensed. This works, but it highlights limited printing capabilities with the iPad app. I’m also bothered by some distortion in the PDF conversion in both platforms, but can make layouts work with some trial and error effort.


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