[SOLUTION] Mac native Ninox app date format (Ventura fix)

Hello, I am sure this is going to be helpful.

This guide is for those who need to change date format displayed in a Mac native Ninox app and don't know how to do it, or you knew how to do it but you updated to MacOS Ventura and required setting is now missing.


Prior to MacOS Ventura

  1. Go to Settings > Language & Region (search can be used)
  2. Advanced (button)
  3. Dates (tab)
  4. Change Medium setting
  5. Restart Ninox to take effect


Since MacOS Ventura

At the moment of writing Advanced (button) was removed from MacOS Ventura. To change date format:

  1. Open Terminal (use CMD + Space to open spotlight and type Terminal, hit enter)
  2. Type:
    defaults write -g AppleICUDateFormatStrings -dict-add 2 "dd/MM/y"
     Change "dd/MM/y" to your preferred format. See ICU format characters
  3. To test your setting type: 
    defaults find AppleICUDateFormatStrings
  4. Restart Ninox to take effect



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