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Hi guys,

is there a way to let users export and import only records from other Ninox files?

Here's why: I've created a little tool with Ninox that I give users for free (it helps teachers giving exam feedback and creating exam reports). Users can download my Ninox file / template and then import it on their iPad/Mac and fill it with data.

Now at times I improve my tool, add new functionality, views etc.. But letting users upgrade is actually quite a mess. When I let them import their "old" Ninox file into the new Ninox file (my newest version of the tool), then it also imports all table and print views (creating lots of duplicates etc.), functions and fields I have deleted in the new version etc. 

Importing CSV data is not suitable because I have lots of linked tables and entries (e.g. exams, students, classes etc.). All the important links are lost when importing CSV files. And explaining users to link the data back is too cumbersome, most of them can't do it. 

A rather simple solution could look like this: import and old Ninox file/template into the new one and then let it only import records (not "data structure"). But Ninox does not allow this option, I always have to import the data structure as well, which creates a big mess. You might ask what should Ninox do with records that have fields (in the old version) that are not available in the new version or sth like that? Well, ignore these fields and only import the things that have a direct match. 

I hope you could follow me. Any help or suggestions are appreciated! :)
All the best

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