A little AI is a big help learning about NX

I am a new user of NX (database administrator).  Struggling with the disorganized user manual and chaotic forum.  Decided to apply AI to the problem.

Early results are encouraging.  (And why the NX developers haven't already done something like this, I do not understand.)

As a test case, I wanted to learn all about buttons.  Using Mac software, DevonAgent, produced 26 results, with a summary of each, plus a topic map click-able to "drill down" into the results.  I do not know if the topic map image here will be clear or not.  (Many problems trying to post a screen image on this forum.)  The key point is you can click on any peripheral topic to zoom in to a specific sub-set of results.

Since I have not yet found a way to edit posts on this forum (that's another problem), I may need to clearify some of this in following posts.

Below is a sample of results using AI on the user manual and this forum.  I hope this is useful and encouraging to others who are just starting to learn NX.



Ninox Database - Thread / Button to Create a New Linked Record? / Page 3

Support > Forum > Technical Help > Button to Create a New Linked Record

Button to Create a New Linked Record

Select button (select child records

Connection button (in the invoice

Revert button (1 time only

Done button (dismiss fields of multiple selected child records


Ninox Database - Thread / Set button as a timer

Some months ago I attended a webinar in which Birger showed how to set a button as a timer. Unfortunately I lost the screenshot of the code, plus I have very poor coding skills. May I have help? (beer offered in exchange!). Thanks! G


Ninox Database - Thread / Button to print

Hello! I would like to create a button to print the current record in a template that I have created. How can I do it? What would the code look like? Thank you.


Ninox Database - Thread / PDF Druck Button einfügen / Page 2

Support > Forum > Technische Hilfe > PDF Druck Button einfügen

PDF Druck Button einfügen


Ninox Database - Thread / Suche in Apple Mail über Button

Ich würde gern einen Button in meine Kundendatenbank basteln, über den das Apple Mail Programm geöffnet wird und eine Suche z.B. nach dem Nachname startet. Im besten Fall wird mir dann die Email-Konversation mit diesem Kunden angezeigt.


Ninox Database - Search / Data Field Types

Hi Jon, Create ten buttons from 1 - 10. On each button you put a trigger. for Button 1: MyField:= MyField +1 for Button 2: MyField:= MyField +2 and so on. This works if MyField is a text field. If you have questions you can also drop a line to support@ninoxdb.de Best regards, Alex


Ninox Database - Search / Data Field Types

Technical Help / Button

Hi, is it possible to filter a view per determined field contents using a button


Ninox Database - Manual / Use Ninox Language to add fields

You need to click on the row which you would like to print in your table, afterwords please switch to the Print formular task bar via the the following button:

If you click on the Settings button a new window opens and we can move to Calculate to enter our code.


Ninox Database - Search / Formulas

Also, is there a way for command a backspace or delete on a formula? Problem now is when 124 is entered and 123 was supposed to be entered, can we make a button to go back 1 space deleting the 4 so a 3 can be entered? Regards Jon


Ninox Database - Search / Forum / Formulas

Hello, I use a form to get inscriptions on a register and I would like to use the "button" field as a form validation and skip automatically to the next record (ready to fill) for the next people. (as a click on the +) What formula can be used for this behavior? Thanks


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    Alas, the formatting on the search results was stripped out.  Here is a small sample as a screen print.

    Here it is as screen print.

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    The most important aspect of using AI is that you can have it TODAY.  I did.  No "feature request" needed!

    The Mac AI software I used is DevonAgent.  It is an old program, with an ugly interface, but it works perfectly using simple AI to search this forum and the documentation.  If there is a better AI program for this purpose, please post about it here.

    (Note:  My two posts above are a mess.  But this forum is not cabable of simple previewing or editing posts.  That is a huge problem here.)

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    how do i set that up?

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    DevonAgent software has a user manual for download.  It's not a very good manual, so expect to do some careful reading.

    Also a forum.  Their forum is not as helpful as this NX forum, but, with some effort, you can get answers to specific questions.  However, don't expect anyone there to provide you with a full "recipe" for how to set it up.  They just answer focused technical questions or refer you back to the documentation.

    The key factor is to specify the search set (for Ninox documentation) as "crawl", not "search".  That wasn't obvious to me at all, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out.  But now that it works, looking for answers using AI is much easier than digging thru the documentation and forum here. 

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