Print formula - how to edit?

Since I haven't found a solution to printing all records in a table, I tried using the Print Formula.  I have a test table with 3 records to print only records 14 days or more from the current date.

That works fine except it only correctly shows on fields on records 2 and 3, not record 1 so for some reason it's not filtering that record although it contains dates that meet that criteria (it shows all the date fields on record 1.)

I'd show the code but that is a second big problem - there is no way to edit the Print Formula.  I can add a new one, but where does it go so I can edit it?  I need to add a "Show All" records somewhere because now the filtered records are showing on every Print form for that Table.

I'm using the iPad Ninox.


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    Update:  I was able to get the correct records to show with the Print Formla, but it only shows the correct date fields in the layout - if I tap Print or Print (all) then it shows all the date fields instead of the filtered dates.

    It shouldn't be that difficult to script a "print all records" or at least print with the print formula....

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