Why is part of this script not pre-filling data in my form?

Here's the code in my script, attached the State field of the form.

let strState := upper(State);
State := strState;
let SearchTerm := strState;
'State Website' := concat((select QuickLinks)[State = SearchTerm].Website);
Username := concat((select QuickLinks)[State = SearchTerm].Username);
Password := concat((select QuickLinks)[State = SearchTerm].Password);
Account := concat((select QuickLinks)[State = SearchTerm].Account);
'Service Fee' := concat((select QuickLinks)[State = SearchTerm].ServiceFee);
'Permit Fee' := concat((select QuickLinks)[State = SearchTerm].PermitFee);
'Axle Down' := concat((select QuickLinks)[State = SearchTerm].AxleDown)

I have a "QuickLinks" table that I'm referencing to fill out information in a form.  A client requested that the Service and Permit Fees be prefilled as well.  I added a "ServiceFee" and a "PermitFee" column to the QuickLinks table, filled in some information for a few states and added the two lines to the script to prefill theinformation after they enter a state ("CA" for example, would look up "CA" in the QuickLinks table and extract the information to prefill.)

Here are the two new lines of code:

'Service Fee' := concat((select QuickLinks)[State = SearchTerm].ServiceFee);
'Permit Fee' := concat((select QuickLinks)[State = SearchTerm].PermitFee);

It should be prefilling data from the QuickLinks table (ServiceFee and PermitFee), into the two fields on the form "Service Fee" and "Permit Fee", but it will not work.  I don't get any errors when I enter the new lines into the script, and when I type in a state that should prefill that data, it's just blank.

Both tables for those two fields are the same format for currency, I've checked the spellings of the field names, and everything matches.  I can't find out why it's not prefilling the data like the rest of the script is. 

What am I doing wrong?

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    • Jeremy_McCloud
    • 4 yrs ago
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    I still haven't found a solution for this.  Where can I get help?

    • Customer Service Ninox
    • maja
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Dear Jeremy,

    A good opportunity to get direct help for your request is our webinar "Open Office hours" on  Tuesday from 18 to 19 o'clock CEST.
    Please raise your hand there (virtually), then we will provide you a live support.

    You can join our free webinar directly via the following link:

    An overview of the schedule and content of our webinar can be found here: 

    Thank you very much.

    • Roger_McIlmoyle
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Jeremy, looks like you're trying fill in a numeric field with a text field, i.e. concat...

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