Create n records in a subtable at once

Hi NX community!

I have a table "A" which contains several records. I'm trying to come up with some code to set a button that should update the table "B" with all of the records coming from "A".

That would be a lot easier if one could just print a table view! But somewhere in this forum someone said that this is not (yet?) possible.

Does anybody have a hint about this?


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    • Mconneen
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Sure.. see https://ninoxdb.de/en/manual/calculations/reference-of-functions-and-language

    Browse for two topics..  First.. "loops" .. you will see an example of looping through records with a select..   Then search for "create" .. you will see an example for creating a record.  Combine the two examples.. and put the code in a button on either "Table A" .. or another table. 

    Hope that helps. 

    • NIOXUS
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Gsechi - the easiest way to do this would be to use a For loop structure with an embedded create record function.  The syntax for this is as follows:

    1 for p in 'TABLE A' do
    2 let q := (create 'TABLE B');
    3 q.('Field 1' := p.'Field 1');

    4 q.('Field 2' := p.'Field 2');

    5 end

    and so-on.

    The concept here is that in line 1, the variable p becomes a reference to the source table (TABLE A).  In line 2, the variable q becomes a reference to the destination table (TABLE B).  Then, in lines 3 and 4 and beyond, you are instructing Ninox to insert into the each field of the destination table the value of the corresponding field in the source table.

    • lauracapra
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Thanks guys. A very precious help.

    • saffron_car
    • 2 yrs ago
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    HI everyone, I have a similar question and i need some ideas or help:

    I have a table "VISITE" (with field1 and field2) where i would like to have a formula button to create a new record in a another maintable and its childtable. For example:

    I have a table "PARCELLE" with a fieldA, fieldB and a childtable "PRESTAZIONI" with fieldX and fieldY 

    In the button i would like to have a fomula to :

    1) create a new Record in table PARCELLE where fieldA:=field1 and fieldB:=field2

    2) create  a new related childtable PRESTAZIONI where fieldX:=field1 

    3) popup this record


    I was able to do point 1 but i'm not able to create the new record in the childtable.. Would you mind to help me? Sorry i'm not good with explanation especially in english, I apreciate any suggestion, thanks

    I've tried this...

    let xid := ID;
    let xcli := field1;
    let xdata := field2;
    let xnp := (create PARCELLE);
    xnp.(fieldA := xdata);


    If i stopped here, it works, but i would like to create also the linked childtable PRESTAZIONI and linked some field to VISITE.


    thanks again

    • noCodeApp
    • Fabio
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hi MP. Try this:


    let xcli := field1;
    let xdata := field2;
    let xnp := (create PARCELLE);
       fieldA := xcli;
       fieldB := xdata
    let newPrestazione := (create PRESTAZIONI);
       PARCELLE := xnp;
       fieldX := xcli



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