Disable "copy" button?

Is it possible to disable the Copy button up by the record arrows?

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    • Fred
    • Fred
    • 11 days ago
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    Don't know if you found this post.

    • Fred Thanks!

  • Yes.  Disable anything. Lots of options.  Choose any or all of these.  Put them in a hidden formula on any table form.  This is just a few of the possibilities.  You can also remove the whole of the top options for single record tables like dashboards. 

    let opt := "<style>
         .hud-menu-button.i-32-24.i-light-grey.i-setting-copy{display: none;}
        .hud-menu-button.i-32-24.i-light-grey.i-setting-add{display: none;}
        .hud-menu-button.i-32-24.i-light-grey.i-setting-trash{display: none;}
        .hud-menu-button.i-32-24.i-light-grey.i-setting-print{display: none;}" + "</style>";

    • Paul Chappell Great!

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