Targeted deletion of records in tables

Table management is an important task in keeping your database clean and running by avoiding redundancies, accidental double entries, etc. While you could open every record in question and delete them one by one with the trash bin option in the top right of the record view, there are easier and far less time consuming methods to do so outside of the delete() function.

To delete only a specific selection of datasets, follow these instructions:


1. In the table view, set a filter to only view the records you wish to delete (find out some tricks about filtering efficiently here).

2. Right-Click anywhere in the table and a menu should appear, containing several options.

3. Click "Select all" (checkmarks should now appear where the row numbers were).

4. Right-Click again anywhere in the table, then click "Delete selected rows".


If the table is small enough or the selection of datasets you wish to delete is too specific even for filtering, you can - instead of steps 1.-3. - left-click on the row numbers (the first column on the left) and checkmarks should appear in those selected. Then proceed with step 4.

A word of caution: Deleting the wrong record(s) by accident can lead to major problems with database infrastructure, so it is strongly suggested to always create a backup of either the table in question or the entire database before deleting several records at once.

As always, have fun!

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