Detect list selection

In a table view/list, select a row and the form slides out. One can move the selection up and down the list and the form data changes to reflect the selected row. Standard Ninox behaviour.

Is there any way to detect when a (different) row is selected? Basically a trigger when the row selection changes?

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    • 4 days ago
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    Ok, your example works for me. So I considered the difference from my db.

    I added an onselected() function (that does nothing of any use) in my initialisation table. Then onselected() DOES work in other tables.

    So I removed that function from the initialisation table in your test db. It still worked.

    I removed it from my db and it worked. 😠

    About the only consistency is that if I open that initialisation record automatically on load, onselected() then doesn't work in other tables.

    If I don't run it on load and just open that table manually after the db is loaded, then onselected() works.

    I need to look further at the differences between my db and your test one. Have to look into that tomorrow.

    • UKenGB Ok, let me know because, I'm interested in eliminating a bug in my Ninext code. Thanks in advance.

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