Why can't I duplicate a table with all its data?

I am aware of the "Duplicate table..." button in the "Edit Fields" panel, but that function does not actually duplicate a table, it duplicates a table structure

I want to duplicate a table complete with all records including including images/attachments.  Export/Import works for the simple data but not images.  I found a "work around" of backing up the database, changing the file type to .zip, and then finding the images in the zip file, but the images are in folders and not easily re-linked to the records.  This is frustrating!  How can I duplicate the whole table (not just the structure), and with all the data (not just the simple data)?  It seems like a basic function all DBMSs should do.

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    Seems a fair question

    Why not send support a feature request and I will do the same

    I will also add - please add a tick option for exports to say export all fields (not matter how many/few are shown in the current view.

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